Our Packaging

Our Company spends tremendous amount of time and effort perfecting the recipe and composition of our products. We've got to package it properly. Cheap plastic bags and flimsy boxes are easy to tear and break,

Based on the potential to ship our products overseas as well as selling in non-temperature controlled environments, we have chosen to use a premium packaging that will not allow oxygen and moisture to pass through it. Both oxygen and moisture will reduce the shelf life of the product significantly, particularly on the oats, flaxseed and the fats in the various grains. 

Dembaako Foods Multi-Grain Fufuo is packaged in stand up pouches made from durable, puncture-resistant layers of laminated film. The innovative structure of our flexible retail packaging lends to a longer shelf life and guarantees our products stay protected from outside moisture, oxygen, odour, UV light, and bacteria. These stand up pouches have easy-open tear notches and resealable zip lock closure that maintains the freshness of the product inside longer than other packaging options.

Our choice of packaging shows our customers we are listening to their needs; and also we are complementing their modern, active lifestyles. 

It's all about convenience.