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The fufuo is  natural with no/less artificial ingredient/colouring seen. 

This is not the case with other fufuo products I've tried in the past. This feature of Dembaako Fufuo gave me the extra confidence in its ingredient makeup.  

Furthermore , unlike most processed fufuo, Dembaako fufuo has this good feeling after eating it. You don't feel bloated after eating it.  

Thank you. 

Samira S. 

Vancouver  Canada.

I have tried this product many times and I think it is the healthiest choice for the family. It’s  actually a unique brand and a game changer due to the various healthy ingredients used in the production. Unlike others, this product contains no artificial colors and has natural binding elements. 

For the many different times of the day that I eat it, I think this product digest’s very fast possibly due to its rich fiber content. I wake up in the morning and I feel good. I didn’t only satisfy my craving desires, but also I strengthened some organs within.     

Felix F. 

Calgary, Canada

I really like Dembaako Fufuo because of the nutritious ingredients it contains. Unlike other processed Fufuo where artificial color and starch are being added, Dembaako fufuo's natural ingredient content is true to it's word and you can personally verify it when cooking it. 

In addition to the nutritious and health benefits that comes with Dembaako, the storage quality and texture of the already cooked fufuo is amazing. It’s always feels fresh even days after preparing. 

 I will advise prospect buyers to stick to the instructions for its preparation 

Farouk A.

Vancouver Canada


For me, Dembaako is perfect choice for lovers of fufuo.

It is very hard to get the right combination of quality and quantity in the production of any good but Dembaako has managed to do this.

On the side of quality, the fufuo is produced using nutritious ingredients that provide iron,  fibre, omega 3 and many more that are needed for healthy living. I highly recommend this fufuo to persons who are worried about their weight but still want to enjoy their fufuo.

Dembaako gives you value for money. All I can say now is, "If you don't want this, then what else do you want?"


Jonathan A.

Vancouver Canada

Multigrain Fufuo is a timely and welcome departure from the many brands of manufactured fufuo. The mixture of flaxseed and other fortifying ingredients is great for me and all health-conscious fufuo lovers.

Charles  O.

Surrey Canada 

Dambaako fufuo has been the best choice for my family recently. We have slowly changed our diet to more plant based and all natural food choices; Dambaako fufuo has been our choice now compared to the original processed fufuo because of the healthy grains, minerals and vitamins added. The amount of fibre included in the ingredients also makes it the number one choice for my family. As the name sounds – it is the ONLY fufuo that contains all the needed nutrients necessary for the body. The preparation instructions are also very easy to follow. I keep recommending this product to all my friends. 

Joyce E. 

Port Coquitlam Canada

Fufuopa is a new brand of fufuo, l like the texture, and it is very delicious especially with light soup.

Kingsley A.

North Vancouver Canada

I had the opportunity to try Dembaako Fufoupa one Sunday after church and I really enjoyed eating it. I like the smootness of the Fufuo and the fact that it does contains less starch. Due to its quality, I am able to eat it at anytime. I get home from work at 7:30pm but I don't get worried about eating this particular fufou at that time.

I think it's a must try and a healty food for everyone!


Georgina A. 

Surrey Canada

With lots of reluctance and skepticism, my family and I tried the new Dembaako Fufuopa for the first time. We realised that this new fufuo product stands out from the other brands that we have been accustomed to. The multi-grain contents are so beneficial. I am proud to attest that my bowel regiment has since been very consistent. My constipation days are behind me now! My family has  since then switched to Dembaako Fufuopa  and I  recommend this product to all health-conscious individuals and    families.   

Stan A.

Surrey Canada

I have eaten Dembaako fufuopa and it is my No.1 goto when it comes to Fufuo. For me, it couldn't have come any earlier. It is real Fufuo prepared with seeds, and this makes it nutritious and healthy. I am able to add some of it to porridge and sometimes stew. It's the best on the market.

Andy B

Burnaby Canada

Am very happy for the Fufuopa package you sent me.

I am really impressed by the excellent quality of the product. It was easy to prepare, smooth and nutritious to taste, not too starchy, very light on the stomach. To tell you the truth, my 12 year old daughter hates other 'fufus' because she said they taste like banku made from white flour, she loved Dembaako Fufuopa. That means its really good.

Bring it to Ghana soon. Thanks.

Yaw O.

Accra Ghana

As the name sounds it is the only fufuo that contains all the needed ingredients necessary for the body; and I learned it is good for diabetics.

Dembaako fufuopa has been our choice now, compared to the original processed fufu because of the healthy grains.

The amount of fiber it contains makes it the number one choice for my family.

I keep recommending tthis product to all my friends

Tony & Gloria B.

Surrey Canada 


It is Just FANTASTIC !!!! Healthy food

Steve K.

Cloverdale Canada