Dembaako means one of a kind. And one of a kind is exactly what Dembaako's fufuo is. 

The Bempongs - Alex and Dora and their four sons - are the people behind Dembaako Foods. They live in Vancouver, Canada now but they wanted a fufuo that was like the one they ate back home in Ghana -  except more nutritious. 

The Bempongs took three years of trying and rejecting various combinations of healthy fufuo. When they had their recipe, they knew. 

It is a meal that tastes like it was pounded with a wooden mortar and pestle in the traditional way throughout West Africa. It looks and acts exactly the same way and can be made in any kitchen.  

It was everything they wanted. And so they sold their first packages of Dembaako Multi-grain Fufuo Meal in 2016.

Traditional culture and sharing food with their community is important to the Bempongs. This fufuo is a way to do that while reflecting the different lifestyles people live outside of West Africa. 

Their goal has been achieved, though this is only the beginning for Dembaako Foods. In the near future look for other traditional West African foods made healthy and more nutritious. 

                                                                         Food for Your Life

Nice things people say

Read this wonderful article about Dembaako Fufuo in The Patriotic Vanguard. 

"I learned it is good for diabetics.

Dembaako fufuo has been our choice now, compared to the original processed fufu, because of the healthy grains".  

Tony and Gloria B

Cloverdale, British Columbia

"To tell you the truth, my 12 year-old daughter hates other 'fufus' because she said they taste like banku made from white flour. She loved Dembaako's. That means it's really good".

Yaw O.

Accra, Ghana

"It is just FANTASTIC, healthy food!!!".

Steve K.

Cloverdale, Canada

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